Design Case Study: Photography Studio Website

I got to design a photography studio website

It was such a great and creative experience to get to work on a design that needs to showcase the artistry of a photography studio. I went about conceiving the whole website, from its wireframes to the colors and typography, to bring the right emotions for people visiting the website and wanting to know more about the brand, what’s their mission, who they are, and what are they doing so great.

The Problem: Another photography website
where User experience is secondary

I worked on this fictional Photography Studio based in Paris, France founded by a couple of photographers who have the desire to bring more emotions and realism to the photographs they provide to clients.

I dove deep into many photography studios, freelance photographers, and artistic studios websites as well as design resources. This compelling assignment gave me the foundation I needed to understand what having a website for a photography studio meant.

Art related websites usually go to two extremes — very basics and minimalists or very avant-gardists with effects and transitions everywhere. This website had for purpose to get the best out of each side to bring a sense of freshness to the brand but still keep the experience for the user minimalist and easy to digest.

When you think of an art website, the first thing that comes to mind is creativity. But creativity is just a means to an end. Creativity in service of what? This was one of the ideas at the core of this project. This website will allow users to see the studio company but in a different way that you wouldn’t usually consider.

Going through each project, feeling the brand’s values and mission, getting to know it better becomes an easy and enjoyable experience. Creativity alone also happens to be undifferentiated with all the other studio and photography websites out there. In the same way that branding makes or breaks a brand, this website will bring to each user the best of both sides to capture the right emotions from people and educate them on why they should care about this photography studio.

The Fix: Tell a story through design; separate from the crowd

I was looking for a design layout that would stand out in a sea of photography websites. Why try to re-invent the wheel and design a creative photography website which would end up being exactly like everyone else if I’m trying to signal separation from the crowd? The website needed to work on its own and alongside the photography studio.

Considering their brand is based on connecting through emotions and telling meaningful stories, I wanted a design that balanced it out with some minimalism and stability.

Lastly, I was looking for a design befitting of their brand’s mission. When people check their website, they will instantly get an idea of what they do and who they are based on the website’s look. When a new user visits their website and they will experience the full emotional power of this photography studio website.

The colors as well as the fonts is a way to spark the visitor’s emotions with stability — which is the whole goal of the website, balancing their emotional photography style with stability and stability and strength. This website is reintroducing an enjoyable and inspiring way for the user to experience a photography brand.

The colors really bring depth and emotion between this dark green and pink — again mixing the balance between emotion and stability. The fonts represent the same philosophy with one being bold while the other one is more structured. These design specificities were an immediate favorite from my first round of work.

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Product Designer | Content Creator | +140M views Photographer | Writing about Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and Design —

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Charles Postiaux

Charles Postiaux

Product Designer | Content Creator | +140M views Photographer | Writing about Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and Design —

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