Here Is The Quickest Way To Reach Success

That’s the reason why the rich gets richer

Charles Postiaux
2 min readFeb 9, 2021
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One thing humans want and need most in this world is money.

Money is like a religion.

Some believe in it, others don’t. Some use it as a way to trick people, others to do good. Money really is everywhere and that leads me to a lot of questions and thoughts in order for me to use it as a way to optimize my life.

One of my strong beliefs is that money is a tool to reach happiness, rather than happiness itself.

Which led me to this article's idea which is what would be the quickest way to reach success faster, kind of like a cheat code that would make you progress really fast in a video game.

Here is what I feel like is super important in order to attract success to you like a magnet:

Invest For Your Future Self

Once most people get money, they tend to either spend it or save it. But very few people actually invest this money for their future self.

Here’s my theory:

If your current self makes $20,000/year, but your future self makes $200,000/year, do you think that saving $2,000 a year will make any difference to your future self once you will earn that much money every year?

After 10 years you will be at $20,000 in your savings, which would be achieved in a year by your future self if you were also saving 10% of your annual income.

One took 10 years to achieve, while the other one only took 1 year.

So, what could you do with this $20,000 instead? Invest it in your future self!

If you were to invest those $20,000 in yourself: valuable skills, experiences, and knowledge, maybe you wouldn’t take 10 years to reach $200,000/year but only 5 years.

You, investing in your future self, will bring you much faster to your success than just saving money that will seem like nothing in a decade or two.

Saving is not bad, and it’s very important to always have money saved. But don’t go all-in onto something, don’t do 100% saving and 0% investing.

Be scared to spend money on materialistic things, but be happy to invest it in new knowledge that will get you closer to your dreams!

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. — Steve Jobs

You can’t know how efficient that strategy is until you’ve succeeded, but investing in yourself and constantly improving yourself will never be ROI negative.

It is a bold approach to life and success.

But we only live once and if you really want that extraordinary life you’re dreaming about, then you need to take some bold decisions.



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