In June 2018, almost 3 months ago, I have been accepted to do a 2 weeks internship for a remote startup.

It’s actually the first time of my life that I’ve been accepted at a job, that someone believed in me, that I had the incredible chance to do something bigger than ever.

Today, I am the COO of it and I really love my job. And here is why:

I am doing what I used to do, but now I am paid for it

Well, I’m not doing everything I used to do. There are many things that I have to do and that I’ve never done before. But it’s more about the type of work I’m doing.

Testing things, finding better solutions, teamworking, evolving, etc.

Since I was 16 years old and watched a video on YouTube about someone saying that it was possible to earn money online, I never stopped trying and testing things.

I couldn’t tell you if it’s something that I am born with, I honestly don’t know myself.

I used to be normal before that. In the middle like most people. Playing video games & following the traditionnal studying path.

But making money online just amazed me.

And it’s not making millions to show off that I find interesting. It’s just the process of it that’s fascinating, the way of growing from 0 to 1.

From this moment I never stopped working on this process. And it was so complicated since I was failing all the time and didn’t had the support for keeping this up — I also think it has to be a mental battle.

Still, I never gave up.

Which allows me today to do so many cool things at this job that I love.

I am making money, and I love it

Oh man, I love making money. This is so much fun looking at numbers growing up on my Finance Plan!

It allows me to travel more, learn more and test more while investing in my future!

Earning money is really satisfying not because I can buy stuff, but because I can do more of what I love.

Before making this money, I thought a lot about how to manage it and the best ways for me to have balanced finances.

First ideas of my Fiance Plan

So many people don’t know what to do with their money, or find the need to spend every month all of it.

Which isn’t my goal, because I’m aiming for the long-term success.

I had to do what I had to do before what I wanted to do, which is kind of frustrating in the first part but this bad emotion quickly turns out into a motivation.

You see, there’s an Omega watch that I want so badly. I felt in love with it, saw it, touched it, but can’t afford it yet.

Well, that’s not true.

If I look closely at my total amount of savings, I can. But I won’t.

Simply because I have things that I have to do first.

But new opportunities are now opened and it is so liberating to being able to do that by myself.

It allow me to test and learn more things

This job is fantastic because I do many things that I never did before.

Simply working with people at a professional level is something totally new for me.

With the time, I am realizing that I should have done many of these things before. But I was so afraid and shy of doing them that I used to not doing them at all, which blocked my progression at some points.

But because I have this job now, I cannot stop myself and say that maybe we shouldn’t do it.

It is something that has to be done, and I do it no matter what.

And all of these things that used to stop and scare me aren’t really scary.

I also do some mistakes too. Which is something totally usual when you try something new for the first time.

All of this process teaches me so much every day that I can apply it for my own projects or teach it to people!

This job gives me freedom

It’s kind of counter intuitive, right?

Usually a job should take your freedom and turn it into me, so how can I say something like that?

Well, the job I have is in fact a remote job. Which is basically a job that I can do wherever and whenever I want.

A remote job is pretty dangerous for people who don’t have any self-discipline since you don’t have to go to a fixed place at a fixed hour everday.

But it allows me to do so much more throughout my day such as writing, reading or taking photographies!

And the best benefit of all for me is the fact that I can travel while working.

I genuinely love traveling and having to stay at the same place non-stop isn’t made for me.

Selfie on the Lover’s Bridge in Taipei during the sunset

So one of my big goal during the past 2 years of me trying to earn money was to do that.

Which I did!


I love my job because it allows me do what I love every day and being paid for that.

By making more money, I am able to do more of what I love which makes me happier.

It’s a kind of happiness circle!

I would finish this article by saying that what matters in your life is not making as much money as you can, rushing things to prove to people that you’re the best or following what people tells you to do because you’re afraid of being judged.

Your life should be the best way for you to 1) find out what makes you truly happy and gives you freedom, and 2) do this as much as you can.

Freedom can be found in many ways, for me it is doing what I love.

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