How to reconnect with your audience

#2 and #4 will surprise you

Charles Postiaux
3 min readFeb 4, 2021
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With everything going on in our lives, the new services and products we launch, bad influences, new motivations, and evolution, there might be times where we feel disconnected from our audience.

How you do solve that?

1. Look at your early work, papers, beliefs

The best way to reconnect is to take a step back in time and look at what life used to be. More specifically the work you did.

If you’ve ever succeeded at what you do and were able to grow an audience and become successful, then it means that there was a special spark.

In today’s world, there are so many things all the time that if you’re not authentic and extraordinary then you’re nothing.

Looking back at your early work, papers, and beliefs will help you understand what was your deep why. Your motivation to start what you started.

2. Anticipate the future

The secret to a memorable experience is when your needs are anticipated.

You need to look into the future and anticipate what will your audience need, what they will fear to encounter, where they will feel resilient.

It requires careful planning, a deep understanding of what you can offer to them, and a vision.

Anticipating the future will help you reconnect to your audience and get their trust back, if you lost it, or deepen it if you didn’t lose it.

3. Create passionate reactions

People need to either love it or hate it. If there are mild reactions then your know you aren’t strong enough or your audience isn’t passionate enough about what you make.

Strong reactions to change can only involve a deep passion for what changed.

If you feel like you’re at the crossroad of your brand and need change, then go for what will create passionate reactions because what’s average doesn’t last.

Being going all-in onto a fresh and unique look or feel, you will spark reactions that will create a new perspective toward your brand.

4. Think in terms of experience and story

The way people consume your brand is an experience by itself, there needs to be a story that is created when they interact with you.

When you reconnect with your audience, make sure to understand people’s stories and in which framework they will interact with you.

Your brand needs to be an experience.

Interacting with you must feel unique and create the uniqueness that they can’t feel elsewhere, and that also comes from using all the previous steps above.

5. Stay authentic

Last but not least, you need to stay authentic and be yourself no matter the change you make or the reactions your audience express.

Being authentic and doing your best no matter what will always be more rewarding for you and well perceived by the right people.

Don’t change into something you don’t want.

What drew people towards you at first was your authenticity, your uniqueness, and your why.

Always keep that in mind when growing into something bigger.



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