The Best & Riskiest Way To Become Rich Doing What You Love

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Since I recently got my first design client, I have been thinking about success and what getting this gig means to my future and ambitions.

For the past couple of years, I have been trying a lot of different jobs, domains, skills, and while I have been able to filter the great from the not-so-great for me, I haven’t been able to turn them into profitable businesses.

Until recently with this design client! That pushed me to think:

Isn’t this strategy actually the best and also riskiest way to become rich doing what you love?

I feel like the solution was there all along but I couldn’t see it because I was fo scared of not getting enough income from my some side-hustles.

When I realized how much people were ready to invest in my skills, it just became so clear to me.

Here is how you can become rich doing what you love, based on my experience, and if you’re not afraid of risks:

1. Find out what you love and are great at

This is one of the longest parts because you first need to spend time trying new things while being self-aware about yourself and acknowledging the jobs you want to have long-term relationships with.

Once that part is partially figured out (because it’s never fully figured out until your last breath), you need to become professionally good enough or great at it.

That’s another difficult part of this first step because the top 1% is insanely amazing at what they do, and reaching below that won’t make you rich.

Also, what’s the point of not being bold enough to try reaching the top 1%, we only live once, and not being ambitious seems a little sad to me.

2. Discover your own unique voice

The quickest way to bankruptcy is to try selling to everyone or, especially here, make what everyone else is doing.

Truth is, the world doesn’t need another copycat.

We need uniqueness, creativity, personality, and building up your unique voice will create a non-negotiable asset for you to get rich over time.

People will hire you because of this uniqueness, and you will be able to charge a premium because of it.

So make sure to take the time to really try different styles, mediums, domains, and even mix everything together in order to find this unique voice.

It is important as it will be your lucky ticket to a more fulfilling future as you will only get paid doing what you love and are best at.

3. Let them find you, but don’t reach out

People don’t know you exist until they know you do.

Although that’s an amazing sentence, its application can be pretty tricky as most people would think that the best way to let them know you exist is by reaching out to them.

Huge mistake, in my opinion, if you’re looking for gigs, work, or collaborations.

It’s an amazing thing to do, however, if you’re trying to build relationships and connect to awesome people.

The way to let them find you is by putting yourself out there.

Write articles, have a website, make videos, create content, share your portfolio, case studies, and projects on relevant platforms.

That’s how you let amazing clients find you.

But, what if they don’t reach out? Simple, you’re just not good enough.




Product Designer | Content Creator | +140M views Photographer | Writing about Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and Design —

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Charles Postiaux

Charles Postiaux

Product Designer | Content Creator | +140M views Photographer | Writing about Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and Design —

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