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Two tips to help you get what you want in life.

Success and reaching what you’re trying to get in life is all about overcoming failures and trying new things.

Overcoming failures

It’s about looking at what you’ve learned by failing, and accepting that it didn’t go as you expected.

It is the price of success.

You can’t reach your goals if you…

#2 and #4 will surprise you

With everything going on in our lives, the new services and products we launch, bad influences, new motivations, and evolution, there might be times where we feel disconnected from our audience.

How you do solve that?

1. Look at your early work, papers, beliefs

The best way to reconnect is to take a step back in time and…

Get paid for results, not how many hours it takes.

Starting as a freelancer can be difficult for two reasons, you don’t have any clients, and you think you can’t get paid much.

The way for us to know if we’re getting paid enough is to divide the total amount paid by how many hours it took us to get the job done.

The thing is, there is a limit to it or more like a mental barrier.

We think that we shouldn’t…

Make sure to live life with a purpose.

Most people I talk with always want to retire as soon as they can to enjoy the rest of their life.

They often say that they can’t retire early because they need their job to pay loans, their house, and retirement which isn’t that far anyway so they can wait a bit longer.

That part really highlights what I want to avoid:

Not having a specific idea of how much money…

It’s a simple but straightforward plan, can you do it?

Since I recently got my first design client, I have been thinking about success and what getting this gig means to my future and ambitions.

For the past couple of years, I have been trying a lot of different jobs, domains, skills, and while I have been able to filter the great from the not-so-great for me, I haven’t been able to turn them into profitable businesses.

Until recently with this design client! …

How to steal like an artist

This article I didn’t write was published by me in April 2018, and over the past almost 3 years, it got over 90,000 views.

And here’s the punchline: I didn’t write any of it.

What I did, however, was to add 79 quotes that changed my way of thinking and that positively contributed to improving who I was.

Back then, I was reading a lot as I started understanding that I could anything in…

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